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For as long as I can remember I have always been mesmerized by storms and their exhibition of nature's raw power. Nowhere else can one feel their true size as in front of one of our planet's masterpieces. If one takes the time to pause from their everyday life to truly witness a storm from its creation to completion, one might be able to recognize their true place within this world.

What else in our lives can make one truly feel and appreciate just how small and powerless one is, than facing down a 50,000 foot tall Super-cell; growing, breathing and metamorphosing with every breath of fresh air that the monster engulfs to increase its size and power; all the while, realizing that your own existence must be something magnificent to still have been created at all.

I personally believe that a storm is art in its most natural form. A storm demands its viewers attention and can invoke every form of human emotion possible. What one takes away from a storm is truly dependent upon the personal experience that the viewer has with it.  

I attempt to generate a minute sense of the feelings and emotions that I experienced within my pieces and deliver it to my viewers so that they too can be transported back to these times and locations in hopes of experiencing some of the same thoughts and feelings that I had.

It is my hopes that I can generate enough intrigue through my works that the viewers might generate the desire and drive to experience these sort of moments in person form themselves.

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