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Many people feel that only select places are beautiful enough to be captured and presented as art; I find that some of the most beautiful locations can be found in the most mundane places. Every city, town and location within the world possesses its own beauty, one just has to take the time to look at it from the right angle.

No matter how hard I try, or how successful my pieces are, I believe that I will never be able to capture the true and complete beauty of the moment. It is my hope that my art at least relays a small sense of the emotions and experience that I was blessed to find myself surrounded by for those brief moments in time. 

Please realize that life's true beauty can be found everywhere around us and that no matter what life may be presenting you at any specific moment, that moment will never exist again in that same way. Please take the time to pull yourself out of the moment and allow yourself to truly experience the beauty that is around you.

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